The Lowlanders Championship 2023

The Lowlander Championships see the top racers from Great Britain, Belgium, The Netherlands, Denmark, Iceland, Luxembourg and Ireland compete against each other at Landgraaf, in The Netherlands. It's a huge event run over the weekend with different age categories from U10 to FIS and includes an overall nations competition.

We are running four days of training in the run up to the races in Peer, Belgium.
Last year we walked away with a handful of gold medals and we would love to repeat that again this year!
The entry details can be found here.

18-24th September 2023

We travel out on Monday the 18th September and train from Tuesday through to Friday. On Friday we move closer to Landgraaf (it's a one hour trip), where we race on Saturday and Sunday and then travel home, arriving back late Sunday, 24th in the UK.

What does it cost?

The cost for the whole camp, including travel, full-board accommodation and additional snacks, lift pass, coaching, fitness, ski prep support, schooling, additional activities and pastoral care is £1399. Everything is included for seven days.

You will need to arrange your own race entry and have adequate travel insurance that covers ski racing - Snowsport England and Scotland have insurance providers on their websites.

How do I book?

Please email to secure your place. We are only taking a small group so that we can support them as best as possible. Please note that your place is only guaranteed when payment is received. We will send you an invoice with details for bank transfer.


We welcome outliers! This means sorting your own travel, accommodation, breakfast and dinner. We charge a coaching fee of £80 per day and you will have to pay the slope €75 per day for slope access (two times 2 hours) and lunch is included. You can either pay us this fee or directly at reception at the slope. This works out at £150/day. We'll give you the same great service and give you the opportunity to join in all the activities that we do as well.

More detail

We will be staying at Centre Parcs near Peer, with full access to their facilities, so bring your swimming kit! Ski tuning will take place in Peer under the supervision of our coaching team. We are travelling out on Monday so as to take it easy and be ready to go on the first day of training. It's likely that we will stop along the way and either soak up some culture or go for a swim (pack your trunks in your bag).
Race days are extremely long so we recommend packing some games to help. It's possible to ski but due to the high entry numbers, there is quite a bit of waiting and energy conservation (we like to avoid screen-time).
Speaking of screen-time, we don't allow any form of technology after 9pm - all devices are handed in. After that, contact can be made via staff phones if urgent. We will, as always, keep you updated throughout the week.
We will travel from Norwich early on Monday and can arrange pick-up points along the way (Stansted Airport is best) and return back very late. It's likely our tunnel crossing will be around 7pm CET.
We eat lunch at Peer every day (apart from the weekend, obviously) and can cater for allergies and dietary requirements if we know in advance.
We will require you to fill out our athlete information form, our travel consent form and provide a copy of your insurance - all of which can be found on our Safeguarding page.

Email us to book on!