What are Gate Days?

These are turbo charged training days. The feedback about these days has been fantastic. They are a testament as to how a change in training environment creates a change in ability. If you want to get faster, try these days out!
We are constantly changing the courses and making them harder and harder. We run through a series of combinations and skills to keep it both challenging and fresh. We also know what kids love - they love to smack those gates.

We're not out to change your technique or teach you something new. That journey is yours, not ours and we know that the coaches that look after you week in, week out will be working on refining your skills all the time. We want to support them and help you get quicker, that's why these days exist.

There's no pressure from the coaches, you can leave the slope whenever you want and refuel or take a rest, that's up to you.

How good do you need to be?

We will happily involve anyone that wants to give it a go. We run a safety briefing at the start of the day and then we're off! 
We welcome young, old (we have quite a masters following), newbies and people with disabilities (Ross used to be Head Coach of the World Cup Visually Impaired Team). We are very keen to get more people into ski racing and want to make it accessible.

If you've got any questions then give us a call on 07903129998 or drop us an email, we would love to hear from you!

A Gate Day in Norwich

Where it all began - Norfolk Snowsports Centre. A Gate Day in Norwich starts at 9am and finishes at 2pm.

Join us for copious amounts of slalom training with as many runs as you can fit in. It's as close as you can get to a 'track day' on skis.

We'll reset the course every 20-25 minutes with the difficulty increasing throughout the day. We'll start with stubby gates as well as big gates to make sure that the little ones get loads of age appropriate training in.

You don't need any prior experience of gate training to join us. The day starts with a safety briefing and then we're off. Racers can leave the slope at any point to take a break or refuel.

Summer venues tbc

Why not come on tour with us?
This summer, we'll be on tour around the country, offering gate days at some of the best venues there are.
Watch this space!