Party Bus

We use the party bus to get us and yourself to the races, training or on adventures.The Party Bus can take 15 people plus all their kit, whether skis, mountain bikes, kayaks, whatever.
The music is loud, the atmosphere is awesome and we arrive ready to go!

We will be attending a number of ski races throughout the year where we will offer full pastoral support as well as race support, whether it’s at the ERSA series or the GBR indoor and outdoor races. We will update this page as and when a new trip is organised but be quick to book as the spaces tend to fill up fast.

We will also be looking for ‘house mums’ for support at some of the races and maybe even additional drivers for some of the longer trips (Dublin or Scotland). We will need to ensure that any additional helpers are DBS checked for safeguarding procedures so if you are interested in jumping onboard, let us know well enough in advance so that we can get you cleared.

If lots of people are interested in going to a certain race then we can organise the trip in advance, just let us know!

Just to be clear, the picture on the left isn’t our van but we’d like it to look like this.